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Termite Man uses Termidor as one of our preferred methods of termite control. Termites feed each other primarily by passing food from mouth to mouth. They groom each other. They contact each other as they forage for food.  Termidor takes advantage of these social behaviors.

As well as eating Termidor, a termite will also  unknowingly pick it up and carry it back to the colony on its body. So every termite it contacts, feeds, or grooms will itself become a carrier, contacting and "infecting" others.

But because the active ingredient in Termidor is slow acting, and allows the termite to continue its normal routine, it remains active long enough to transfer the Termidor to a large number of other termites in the colony before dying itself.  This combination of ingestion, contact, and the “Transfer Effect" results in unparalleled efficacy.  Seven years of test data show Termidor provides 100% control. And Termidor delivers results in 3 months or less.  Our trained professional will perform  a detailed inspection of the building for any evidence of termite infestation.  Termite Man provides warranted termite certification for Real Estate transactions of the building.  If infested by termites, Termite Man provides a comprehensive termite treatment program at a very competitive price with guaranteed results.

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